Why Oriental Perfumes

What is the difference between Cologne and Oriental perfume?

People new to Oriental perfumes usually ask what is the difference between the western Cologne and Oriental perfumes. Cologne and perfume typically have different varieties. Perfume is generally made with Feminine side and include fruity or floral essential oils. Cologne is made with Masculine in mind and contain Spicy and Musky oils. Generally speaking people should not deter from wearing scents that you prefer, both men and women can choose either perfume or cologne. Perfumes are formed with notes ‘called’ Top Note, Heart note and Base note makes a traditional perfume. Such ingredients from flowers, herbs and woods which bring a long lasting fragrance, unlike the normal Cologne created with only single note.

OUD- The Natural Perfume and what is OUD?

Where does this new secret come from? Unsurprisingly it is indeed the Huge Arabian inspiration. The first thing you would notice when entering any Arabian home is the strong smell of woody Oud with its many different variations. Oud has always been a supreme fragrance in the Gulf and is often burnt as a mark of respect and hospitality as a traditional gesture of welcoming and honoring guests. Oud simply means wood in Arabic and has many pedigrees which can cost anything in the range of a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Pure Oud oil known as liquid gold is indeed more expensive than much loved gold.

Ancient Tradition

The people of Arabia have embraced fragrant Oud oils for centuries. Trade routes to obtain fragrant goods were established throughout Arabia and the Middle East long before 1500 BC. It was not until the 10th century AD that the first true perfume extract was created. when famous physician and philosopher Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna improved the process of distilling oil from the petals of roses.

Christian Dior we know isn’t the only brand to have jumped on the ‘Oud bandwagon’ with Tom Ford bringing the first Oud inspired scent to the mainstream market whilst heading YSL’s collection in 2002. There are few more prominent and very expensive Brands out there names like Bond. 9 and Creed. These brands are smart enough to capture the large appetite for Oud based scents and of course the large high net worth clients who has a natural preference to these scents include; L’Artisan Perfumer, Montale’s, Amouage, Parfums M. Micallef, amongst many others. The newest Edition of Oud in the western world is Versace Oud Noir, Gucci Oud and Roberto Cavalli has launched Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition, a new flanker to 2012’s for Her. Perceived as the “gold standard” for Oriental perfumes, Oud is associated to an extent with royalty, strength and luxury. Roberto Cavalli honors this precious ingredient with a long lasting scent based on Oud. 

The strength and longevity of these perfumes is legendary, and we heard some people calling it a commitment in wearing them, that it is to twelve or more hours of smelling of this intensely aromatic resin.

Where is OUD found?

Also known as Musk, aloes, agar wood, sandal wood and cedar wood, Oud is the most luxurious perfume base derived from the tree found in the FAR East Asia. Clearly an aromatic resin it is found in certain species of Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees. The resin is produced by the tree as an immune response to a fungus (Phialophora Parasitic) which invades and spreads throughout a tree over many years. It is believed that it takes as long as 300 years for the fungus to spread through the trunk of the tree. Unlike the otherwise pale wood of the tree, infected sections are dark and extremely heavy. In fact, the Chinese and Japanese terms for Oud translate as ‘the wood that sinks in water’. The best grade of Oud is hard, nearly black and very heavy.

Why Oriental perfumes and oils?

Normally perfumes and colognes are found in glass bottles, bottles usually made of dark and colored crystal to maintain the originality of the scent. Plain glass bottles are low costing and much affordable for any perfume or cologne. Generally speaking, most concentrated scents will be more expensive because fragrance contain more essential oils, which are more costly than the other ingredients, such as water and (Ethanol) Ethyl alcohol. Oriental perfumes and oils contain all Natural Ingredients and concentrated 10-15% essential oil are usually costly to craft a fragrance. Instead having typically glass plain bottles and less concentration in perfume or cologne. First time ever in North America we are offering oriental perfumes and oils to the main stream market. Oriental perfume and oil bottles speak for themselves. Unlike any other perfume bottles that once finished are thrown away. Asgharali oriental perfume and oil bottles collection are so UNIQUE and EXOTIC that even after the fragrance finishes, the perfume bottle can be used as a souvenirs at any corner/center of a home or office. It is known to be a great way to collect your own collection of bottles.You can also proudly display them to make a outstanding impression.We simply called this hidden treasure and want people to discover and see the combination of Art,sophistication and royalty that can be treasured and passed on to the next generation ahead.