Slide Home Of Luxury Welcome to Royal Perfumes. Fill your soul with our Luxury Oriental Perfumes & oils. A hidden treasure yet, needed to be discovered. Shop Now SHUA OIL Slide RANEEN AL JAWAR The top side of the bottle is exquisitely designed intricately of bronze design while the bottom shows of the bottle itself in an inviting color of blue. A Unisex type of perspective, whoever fondly fond of floral and light fragrances. RANEEN AL JAWAR SHOP NOW Slide OUD SPRAY Rich flowers and oudy ingredients of OUD spray create something as utterly mysterious as it is enthralling and gives infinitely more complex fragrance equally unisex enough for anyone to wear and enjoy. OUD SPRAY SHOP NOW Slide MUHEEB OIL MUHEEB attar, concentrated oil brings an oriental richness of oriental woody aroma of bergamot and spices an alluring sensual fragrance. MUHEEB OIL SHOP NOW

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Precious inside and out, SUNDUS attar is a positive overdose of
Oriental notes. Its sensual scent reflects the shimmering shades
of its bottle.
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