About Us

Our Vision:

Royal-Perfumes understand how intense is the competition in perfume industry, hence found the gap in the market. So we developed a desire to have an Exclusive distribution in the USA. For a finest Unisex internationally well known & recognized brand called Asgharali. We are the Asgharali’s only Authorized distributor in North America of its kind & calling Atlanta, Georgia our home. Royal-Perfumes operate with understanding in the rules of willing to pay for upscale presentation and premium quality multi-use perfumes for many reasons. Our business objective is to provide the service and products to enhance the life of all stakeholders including our supply chain, corporate clientele, customers’ employees, other affiliations and communities we serve. This is sustained through the highest standards of corporate behavior towards everyone we work with and the environment around us. This line is currently selling in Metro Atlanta shopping Malls and private owned Boutiques.

In this modern and ever changing Eastern and Western world, everyone desires to smell different. That is why; we are inviting you to join us. We focus on a fully new concept of fragrance and trends. There are a lot of choices for customers, but what makes our products different is more than just the smell. We want you to experience our unique journey and travel through rich eastern culture and heritage, simply by refreshing your sense of smell with this ancient tradition admired by people around the world. There is something unique for everyone and everyone likes something different. We concentrate on more choices and remarkable aroma, rather than offering common fragrances in main stream market. Asgharali’s creation is suitable for traditional and non-traditional perfume lovers. Our Oriental fragrances bring more passion and joy which last longer; they are usually made to highlight one note to get surrender.

‘Unique, Luxury, Experience’

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