Segment: Unisex

Oud Passion Oriental

HABAT AL OUD fragrance spray, relieves the fragrance of precious Oud Passion which are also a central and Middle Eastern traditional scent blended with an Oriental mix. Highlighted with the top notes of warm and rich Saffron and juicy raspberries, while on the heart notes presents a scent of heavy floral roses and oud Crisps, and with a damp of spices and oozing scent of vanilla bound to take you to an olfactory journey. Accords of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk add a clear, woody and dry scent that radiates to our senses within. “Stunning in its simplicity” defines the outer appearance for this newly launched 120 ml perfume spray, designed to be in clear transparent plastic packaging as so it can be light, comfortable and easy to carry, and are highly preferred by men or women.


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