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Floral Hesperidic Gourmand

HAMS spray relives the fragrance of floral hesperidic gourmand as it is fresh, lively, optimistic and invigorating. It is made possible by citrus, red fruits, bergamot and pear top notes. Sensation through Hams is initiated with its sharp and refreshing citrusy and fruity flavor. Within the heart notes of this perfume lies Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn – very strong but pleasantly sweet even from a distance; and there’s warm milk that adds a creamy and cozy comforting scent. The scent of Hams will surely have a lasting effect because of the presence of musk. Hams Perfume Spray will leave us with flowery, milky, woody and bitter-sweet notes from sandalwood, Tonka beans and vanilla.  Floral hesperidic gourmand is surely full of twists and turns, but providing a balance between citrus and oud, all combined in this 100 ml spray, well- crafted with simplicity of a dark rounded black bottle platted with gold in both side and in the middle to provide the center of attraction. Hams spray which means whisper, is associated with confidence of a woman to be bold, strong and powerful through any situation.





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